You have become fit with knowledge and we would like to reward you by inviting you to take part in our Outlast® quiz and, with a little luck, you can win one of our exciting prizes! The winners will be selected on December 12, 2016, and will receive a written notice.

1. prize: a body flying experience – up, up and away. In a modern freefall simulator you can experience the absolute freefall feeling! The air stream blows consistently through the vertical wind tunnel, which creates a realistic skydiving experience. Start your flight close to the ground and feel like an Outlast® astronaut!

2. prize: a high quality Outlast® bedding set consisting of a climate-control duvet (or mattress protector) and pillow

3. prize: an acre of property on the moon, size: 177 Acre (716.000 m²). The lunar deed is issued on the name of the owner and includes the exact coordinates.

4. to 10. prize: soft climate-control Outlast® fleece vest for more comfort in size S, M, L or XL

11. to 25. prize: a famous Outlast® mug

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This quiz is open to participants aged 18 years or over. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded. There is no cash alternative to the prize, the prize is non-transferable. All personal data will be only used internally and not passed to others. Winners may be required to participate in related publicity.